& Family Law

Our experienced family law and divorce lawyers represent men and women, as well as just the children in divorce proceedings, alimony and child support enforcement actions, child custody and child support modification actions and paternity cases.


We represent individuals and management in all types of business claims; pre-suits and in litigations. Our areas of expertise include collections, patent infringement, breach of contracts, breach of fiduciary duty and governmental


Our Winter Park business lawyers regularly assist clients in the organization of new businesses, reorganization of existing businesses through mergers and acquisitions, choice of entity, and all contract and financing


Here at Mark Lang and Associates we have witnessed the effect of injuries and damage resulting from serious accidents and failure to exercise due care. Whether it is an automobile collision, malpractice or any other incident which causes bodily injury, we are here to help guide you and your family through the process and ensure full compensation is received.

Mark Lang & Associates, Your Winter Park Lawyers

Mark Lang & Associates specialize in providing a full range of services to individuals and businesses including divorce and family law, business claims law, and business development/corporate law. With over 25 years of experience, the Winter Park attorneys of Mark Lang & Associates have established themselves as prominent trial attorneys and can assist you through complex litigations. We handle many different types of cases ranging from child custody and child support, to business organization and business mergers.
Mark Lang founded the Winter Park law firm of Mark Lang & Associates in 1982. Since being admitted to the Florida Bar in 1977, Mark has been practicing law in the greater Orlando area. Mark is now known for his exhaustive approach, thorough understanding of his clients and their cases, and willingness to call upon trusted outside counsel and non-legal experts needed to strengthen a case and drive results.  

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