Business Claims

Investing time, energy and money into a business can be very rewarding, as well as stressful at times. Attacks on the security of the business you have worked so hard for can seem much more personal than “just doing business.” If you are accused of failing to meet contractual obligations, or have others who fail to meet theirs, it can be overwhelming to think about a pending litigation. Your business’ name and your property may be on the line.
Regardless of the source of the dispute, the best thing to do to protect your interests is to contact an Orlando business lawyer. By considering and explaining all of your options, we can advise you on what the best decision is for you or your business.
The Winter Park lawyers of Mark Lang & Associates are experienced in handling Florida business claims such as collections, patent infringements, breach of contracts, breach of fiduciary duty and governmental. The business lawyers at Mark Lang & Associates serve as trusted advisors to owners and managers of businesses of all sizes, from entrepreneurial and family-owned businesses to medium/large companies with offices in Central Florida, including Orange and Seminole counties.
Our experience and training in business law provide us with the background to counsel clients on an array of legal issues that require the expertise of a skilled business lawyer or corporate attorney. Whether your business claims cases need legal advice or a skilled trial attorney, the business attorneys at Mark Lang & Associates will be by your side.

Being A Successful Business Attorney Takes Professionalism and Persistence

Mark Lang & Associates have established a reputation for handling complex legal matters with both skill and savvy. Having served as a business lawyer in Florida for more than three decades, founder, Mark Lang, is able to help clients develop successful business strategies by connecting them with experts in banking, tax, accounting, labor, engineering and real estate. Mark also serves as general counsel for many companies assisting with a variety of legal and contractual matters.
Mark Lang & Associates’ Business Claims services include:
  • Collection of debts and defense 
  • Claims against competitors and defense 
  • Defense of claims of employees
  • Court actions for plaintiffs and defendants
  • Trade secrets/confidential information protection and defense
  • Patent infringement and defense
Our goal is to help you and your business through these claims cases with as little stress as possible. If you are facing litigation for a business claims case, call us today for a consultation at (407) 599-4433.