Fees & Costs


Each month every client receives a detailed itemization of all time spent and costs incurred on their matter, whether contingent or not. Costs are billed and payable monthly.

Most cases* are billed hourly and fees and costs are charged against the initial retainer fee agreed upon by the client and firm. All cases require a written fee and cost agreement in accordance with the standards promulgated by the Florida Bar.

The firm’s current fee structure:

  • $425.00 per hour for senior partner time
  • $300.00 per hour for senior associate time
  • $200.00 per hour for junior associate time
  • $125.00 per hour for paralegal time
*Personal injury cases are charged a one-third contingency fee (40% if in suit) paid at the end of the case.

Out-of-pocket costs such as filing fees, postage, delivery charges, recording fees, photocopies and the like will also be billed to the client.

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