Corporate Organization

When your business is just starting out or going through major changes, hiring a trusted corporate attorney to guide you through the complex organization and reorganization processes will prevent headaches, complications and even possible litigation down the line.

Our corporate attorneys have nearly forty years of experience helping local, state, national and international companies navigate these processes effectively, and achieve their goals.

We also devote a large portion of our practice to representing clients in court cases. So should you need trial representation, we’ll be more than ready to stand and fight by your side.

For both new and existing businesses, services include:

  • Filing Necessary Documents with the Secretary of State

  • Commercial Collections

  • Flat Fee Agreements

  • Contracts

  • Real Estate Matters

  • Employment Law

  • Patent Infringement Litigation

  • Trademark Infringement Litigation


Contract services include:

  • General Contractor

  • Subcontractor

  • Confidentiality Agreements

  • Employment Agreements

  • Non-Compete Covenants

  • Trade Secret Protection

  • Business Organization

  • Environmental Litigation

  • Adversarial Bankruptcy matters

  • Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Business Succession Planning

  • Annual Corporate Maintenance

  • Business Organization and Reorganization


If you need legal advice for your business, contact us online or call for a consultation at (407) 599-4433.